Be Persistent.

Be persistent, even when your mind disagrees. 
When we first moved to this farm, the possibilities and ideas were endless. We had all the plans. We had it all figured out. It was our dream come true. 

Where is the stop sign emoji? Everything came to a complete and screeching halt. I’d go as far as to say that it was an actual crash. We have four children. We have lived in this house for three years. We moved here when I was pregnant with my second to youngest, Isla. Moving wasn’t new to us, we moved a lot being military. Moving pregnant...yikes. Followed by our final blessing who was quite the doozie of a pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The farm that we had worked hard to build had fallen apart. I wanted to pack up, sell, move, leave. I. was. done. We rehomed the majority of the animals and I swore it off.

One day, while riding down the road talking with my husband, I had realized that life had become something we could handle and enjoy again. Our youngest was a year old. He was getting around by himself. I had decided that after over a year of not having goats, chickens, no animals at all...I’d like to get a few animals for the kids. We have all this land and being outside was our favorite. 

I am not even kidding you. The very next day, my friend Bridget called and told me that they were moving. She asked if I would like to take her animals. The list of animals that she had was exactly what I had told my husband I would like to get. We discussed it and the next day, there was life on the farm again. 

The majority of those animals are still here, some have gone on to better fitting farms. We’ve added more goats, horses, chickens, quail, hogs, dogs, all the things that we love. We have added JOY. There is such joy in spending each and every day together. Some people wonder how Trey and I can manage to be around each other as much as we are. I love it, I genuinely love having him home and working with him, building this life and opportunity for our kids.


We have been persistent and we have been obedient. The rewards in that have been overwhelming. I am attaching a picture which explains persistence perfectly. When we moved to our farm, it was nothing but sand. We have been persistent in the love and care that we return to our blessings. I’ll be dern if we don’t have pastures full of grass!! 

Persistence doesn’t always mean to push. It means to let go and see where that takes you. Amen for that, amen for grass. 



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