It’s so easy. So easy to get lost in marriage and forget what got you started in the first place. 
Tonight, my husband started hanging these beautiful canvases I had made on a freshly painted wall. The day had been hectic and I had worked the majority of it. I tend to get caught up in the things and not the moments when life gets a hold on me. 
I stood there though, in the quiet. Looking at this man who willingly does so much for me. I take it for granted, truly and shamefully, I admit that I do. I forget the roots. I forget the trials and triumphs. I forget where God brought us up from. 
I looked at these gorgeous photos of my four children, one hanging on each side of a photo of our entire family. My husband and I standing right smack dab in the middle of all four of our children. 
We made this. God helped us make this.
 I can’t tell you how many homes we have lived in, how many walls we have painted. I can’t tell you how many fights we have had or the number of things we disagree on. I can’t say that I give our marriage enough time, life is crazy.

i can say though, in this moment it hit me like a ton of bricks. This man standing here, hanging this picture up of the family that we built...that’s priceless. That’s something that I can’t even describe. Taking a moment to just look at how beautiful life is and how amazing the person you’ve built it with is, it can truly be life changing. Picking the good over the bad every day and knowing that we are in this forever, until death do us me butterflies. 

Tonight as I watched my husband work, I thought of some of my favorite things about him. It didn’t take me long. 
I love his laugh. The deep belly laugh, usually incited by the kids doing something funny. i don’t hear it as often as I’d like but it warms my heart when I do.

I love his desire to help others. He has a servants heart and will stop at nothing to make sure that people are never in the same situation he once was.

I love that I can tell so much by his eyes.

i love watching him with the kids. He’s an amazing Daddy and the kids will be better men and women because of him.

Mostly, his love for God. He is fearless to pray anywhere, anytime. He loves to tell our kids about Jesus. He lives his day for God, that’s huge.

I could go on and on.

My point is, sometimes life just gets us overwhelmed, overworked, unappreciative, and taking a step back to look at all of the good in our lives, including and most importantly, our partner. Letting them have some time in your mind and really thinking about the things you love about them. It’s so important to acknowledge that and make it known. Everyone wants to feel important and appreciated.


Thats all I got. It was on my mind and of course, I can’t sleep. 😂 
God bless you all, life is beautiful!!! 



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